SurvivorEyes BrowStyle Kit Featuring Sormé® Cosmetics

The World’s Best BrowStyle Kit

The SurvivorEyes BrowStyle Kit Featuring Sormé® Cosmetics contains eyebrow stencils, a dual-sided applicator brush, and instructions for care and use, all in a convenient drawstring bag. And exclusive to this set are high quality, professional cosmetics from Sormé®.

Sormé Color Palette
#56 Soft Blonde Fair Complexion
Blonde, Strawberry Blonde, Grey or Ash Colored Hair

#57 Brunette Medium Skin Tones
Red, Auburn or Brown Hair

#58 Deep Brown Dark Skin Tones
Deep Brown or Black Hair

Each SurvivorEyes BrowStyle Kit Featuring Sormé® Cosmetics contains:

  • 10 eyebrow stencils in unique brow shapes, with guidelines to help with placement
  • Professional cosmetics in a variety of shades to suit any skin tone. Sormé® cosmetics are a high-quality, professional product. Until now, only available at select stores and salons.
  • Dual-sided applicator brush
  • Application & care instructions
  • Drawstring bag

Every stencil offers a unique shape along with a name intended to inspire strength and beauty. By day, you might wear “Faith” or maybe “Courage”. And at night—when your look is more dramatic—you could wear “Warrior” or “Determination”.

Cosmetics are available in three different sets of shades to match any skin tone.

Your look is as individual as you are, and SurvivorEyes is a tool to help you feel and look your best. After all…

Beauty is in the Eyes of the Survivor™.

How to Use this Product

Hold stencil tight onto clean, dry skin. Line up the dotted lines as detailed in the diagram (left). Using the applicator brush, apply your cosmetic from center outward in long strokes.

Once finished, wipe the stencil on both sides with a soft, moist towel and wipe dry before before use on the other brow.

Blot dry for storage.

Use cosmetic setting sealer to ensure against smudging.