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A. The original SurvivorEyes BrowStyle Kit featuring Sormé cosmetics was created by a cancer survivor, after realizing how important her eyebrows were to her appearance and self-confidence. The products by SurvivorEyes Inc. are designed to make every woman look and feel beautiful, and are quickly becoming the “go-to” choice of every woman who wants beautiful brows that are easy to apply and last all day. Since introducing the original BrowStyle kit, SurvivorEyes Inc. has developed additional brow kits to meet the needs of our growing customer base.

A. The original SurvivorEyes BrowStyle kit contains 10 brow templates, a dual sided applicator and a purse size mirrored compact containing Sormé powder cosmetic and sealing wax. This cosmetic is long wearing, and smudge proof, but not waterproof.

The Forever Brows Kit was developed for active women, who prefer a cosmetic that is sweat proof & waterproof and long lasting. The travel-size mirrored compact contains 2 containers of brow pomade in a soft and vivid tone, 10 brow templates and a dual sided applicator. Offered in 3 color pallets to compliment any skin tone.

The Brows for Bros BrowStyle Kit was developed for men. This leather-look compact contains the same sweat proof / waterproof long lasting brow pomade (same as Forever Brows) along with 10 brow templates in masculine shapes, and a dual sided applicator.

Express Brows Kit is for our gal on the go. This brow kit contains 10 brow templates, our dual sided applicator brush, and a waterproof brow pencil in 4 color choices, imported from Germany by Sormé cosmetics.

A. Currently, we offer 3 brow kits with waterproof cosmetic:

  • The Forever Brows kit includes 2 “pots” of waterproof / sweat proof brow pomade in a soft and vivid tone. This brow pomade cosmetic lasts 24 hours.
  • The Brows for Bros Brow kit (for men) contains the same waterproof / sweat proof cosmetic as Forever Brows.
  • The Express Brows kit includes a waterproof brow pencil by Sormé cosmetics.

A. We recommend any oil based cosmetic remover or wipe that can be found at your local beauty counter.

A. Yes, Brows for Bros® is the only complete “BrowStyle” kit for men that includes 10 brow stencils (in masculine shapes) along with sweat proof / waterproof brow pomade in soft and vivid shades, along with a dual sided applicator and instructions for easy use.

A. SurvivorEyes eyebrow kits are available at select salons, doctor’s offices and spas from coast to coast, as well as on the SurvivorEyes website www.survivoreyes.com.

A. Contact E. Lisa Brambilla, CEO SurvivorEyes Inc. by Phone or Email

  • (714) 337-4453
  • mysurvivoreyes@gmail.com

A. SurvivorEyes has chosen to work with Sormé Cosmetics because of the high quality of their treatment grade products. Sormé is an Award Winning makeup line and a regular on the pages of Beauty industry publications as well as People and Allure magazines. Known and used by celebrity makeup artists and stylists as their ‘secret weapon’ to create their vision of the most captivating eyes. Silicone and fragrance free, Sormé is formulated with the finest color pigments available, and is never tested on animals.

A. All of the color choices available in the complete line of cosmetics offered are suitable for women of any and all complexions, from fair to dark.

A. SurvivorEyes Brow Kits make the ideal gift. Great for Brides, athletes and even for someone who might need a little “brow boost”.

A. As with most cosmetics, it is suggested that they be discarded and replaced after 6 months of use to ensure best results and limit exposure to bacterial contamination.

A. SurvivorEyes Inc. brow products can be found in select salons and spas and Dr. offices coast to coast as well as on the company website www.24hourbrows.com


  • Mica – colorant; opacifying
  • Magnesium Sterate – anti-caking agent, cosmetic colorant, moisturizing
  • Silica – absorbent, opacifying agent
  • Boron Nitride – acts as an oil absorbent and increases adherence to the skin
  • Isotearyl Neopentanoate – binder and skin conditioning agent
  • Lauroyl Lysine – a natural occurring amino acid
  • Tocopheryl Acetate – Vitamin E
  • Retinol Palmitate – Vitamin A
  • Aloe Barbardensis Leaf Extract – Aloe, skin conditioning and healing agent
  • Titanium Dioxide – a natural sun protection
  • Bismuth Oxychloride – gives a pearly iridescence finish
  • Zinc Sterate – a naturally ocurring fatty acid that is used as a cosmetic colorant and anticaking agent
  • Nylon – 12 – bulking and opacifying agent
  • Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil – skin conditioning agent
  • Dimethicone – is a natural plant silicon-based polymer used as a lubricant and conditioning agent
  • Camelia Sinensis Leaf Extract ( Green Tea Extract) – skin conditioning agent and antioxidant
  • Chamomile Extract – soothes the skin
  • Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract – Extract of the fruit of the cucumber helps firm skin and cool

Beautiful Brows – A How to Guide:

Brows are one of the most important features in a finished look. The trending of brows from thick to thin, arched to angular, changes frequently. For beautiful brows, you don’t have to spend a fortune at a specialized salon. Follow some of these simple ideas for beautiful brows:

  1. Grooming is key. It’s important to tweeze excess hairs away from the defined shape as often as needed. These hairs are obviously out of place, and fall outside of the manicured shape of the brow when all of the hairs have been brushed up and combed over.
  2. What’s in a shape? Using templates, or stencils can be a easy way to always have perfectly shaped brows. However, after establishing a shape for your brows, which may or may not change with current trends, a softer shape can be created by using a soft, light shade of brow powder with an angled filler brush. For a fuller, bolder brow, use a darker pencil or powder to define the brow. If you’re accentuating a thin brow, use a darker shade of pencil or powder to fill in the fine line of the brow shape. Bold arches add power and drama to a face, while soft arches suggest a gentler demeanor. A heavier brow suggests playfulness and youth, while a thin brow suggests a more sultry idea of playing. For a naturally full brow, using a setting gel, can tame those thick and unruly brows into a beautiful shape!
  3. Blend. For a more natural effect on the brows, using a combination of light and dark powders, pencil, or brow gel can lead to a perfectly blended brow. Be sure to use colors that accentuate the natural tones of your hair color!
  4. Lift and Separate. Using a light shadow color or a highlighting pencil, apply a bright highlight just under the brow that begins just before the arch of the brow and blend out to a natural skin tone near the end of the brow’s tail. This gives the effect of an instant eye lift! Using the same product apply a bright bead to the inner corner of the eyes to give the illusion of a wider, brighter eye!