Customer Feedback

“Just wanted to let you know that I just received my Survivor Eyes Forever Brows. Your packaging is just beautiful and it made me feel so special opening it. It was like a present to myself. Thank You so much for making me feel special when I opened it. Thanks again and God Bless.” -Madelyn

“Amazing Product!!! I operate a wig salon for cancer patients and many of them wonder what to do with their eyebrows after they have lost their hair… This product has been amazing for our patients. It is so easy to use and looks very natural! What a wonderful concept!” -Happy Heads

“This is the BEST!!! The brow style kit has several different options so you can change your brow based on your mood. Plus, my brows stay on all day!!! I have tried a lot of different products but this one is the best!!! My friend is getting married so I am going to give the brow style kit as gift to the bride and all of her wedding party. I highly recommend this product!!!!” -Joni M

“Made my wife very happy! I bought this product for my wife because she has very thin eyebrows and was always complaining about how thin they are. So I bought this product and thought I’d get hit with them when I presented the box to her, but she snatched them out of my hands and immediately ran to the bathroom to try them out. Needless to say she was very happy and has been using Survivor Eyes and loving them ever since.” -Tim

“Interesting Powder! The brunette was out of stock so I ordered the soft blonde color anyway. That worked out just fine. My hair is naturally brunette and silver gray, but dyed to light blonde. The darkest color in the soft blonde kit is actually dark enough with my hair (I haven’t tried the lighter shade yet but I suspect it will work too). That darker color looks very light in the compact but applies into a medium brown! It stayed on all day under the wax and by morning must have rubbed off (some pencils I have stay on until morning). If your eyebrows are naturally lighter than your brunette hair, then choose the soft blonde kit. If your eyebrows and hair are darker brunette, go with the brunette kit. The gold colored tool in the kit had no instructions so I’m not really sure how to use it.” -Fuzzy

“This is a gift for my mom who just recently was diagnosed and started chemo last week. If you could put a message telling her I love her that would be wonderful and much appreciated. This is by far the best customer service I have ever received. I sincerely appreciate it. Thank you!” -Kristin B.

“Natural look and Stays put! Blonde option works perfect for my brown w/ blonde highlighted hair and medium/ light completion. Very natural soft look with the right amount of adherence and staying power. Much more flattering than a pencil, which for me can look harsh and aging. Also, a great value!” -2susheu

“I use Survivor Eyes even though I am not a cancer patient. It is wonderful to fill in the sparce areas of the eyebrow. Love the wax as a tamer. Buy it, you will like it.” -Joenie

“Wonderful! I am so happy with this product! As a breast cancer survivor, my eyebrows never fully returned after chemotherapy. (13 years ago) SurvivorEyes provides many eyebrow templates to choose from so that every person can find just the right natural look for every face/look. I give this product 5 stars!” -Carol J

“Surprised! My brows usually look “drawn in” because I usually use a brow pencil. I ordered this product in blond, because I have sparse brows from tweezing and aging. When I opened the package, I was doubtful that the stencils would work for me. I used the stencil with the least opening cut out, because I have a small frame. I followed the directions provided. I was amazed to see the stencil formed two natural looking brows. This product lasts all day for me! It is not only for cancer survivors!” -Sharaminy

“Fantastic Product! My chemo patients love it!” -Dr. John

“Amazing Product and company! This company goes out of their way to give back to others in their community. Exceptional product too!” -Julie

“Best brow product ever! This is by far the best brow product I have tried — and I have tried them all. The makeup goes on silky-smooth and lasts all day. SurvivorEyes makes my faded brows look great again!” -Kimmer17

“Awesome (or, better yet, EYESOME ; ) brow kit! BEAUTY truly is in the beholder of this innovative product. A must-have addition to the beauty kit of every SURVIVOR and thriver.” -Nia C

“Eye Brow Style Kit is for Everyone! I did not lose my brows but have been using the Brow kit since my brows were thinning and graying. It is an amazing product. East to use and enhances my brows. I get asked if I’ve had my brows dyed or professionally enhanced in any way. I am so happy I tried it and am telling everyone I know. I have medium-dark brown hair and tried the medium and dark compacts. The medium is my color.” -Robinnnn

“Best Eye Brow Product! This is the best eyebrow product I have ever used. Highly recommended!” -CaroIml

“Love it! Love the brush, I can do my brows in a flash! Great concept great price!” -Klatty