Brows for Bros® Brow Style Kit

An eyebrow kit for men? Why, YES INDEED!

More and more frequently, men are visiting the beauty counters across the country looking for ways to improve their overall appearance. SurvivorEyes Inc. has reacted to this growing trend by creating a complete Brow Style kit for men called “Brows for Bros.” 

The Brows for Bros BrowStyle kit is designed specifically for men and includes

  • 10 eyebrow templates in masculine shapes
  • Sweat proof, waterproof pomade cosmetic duo in both soft and vivid tones to mix and blend and achieve the ideal look for any complexion. Available in three shade pallets to complement any skin tone:

Soft Blonde For those with a fair complexion and light blonde, red, grey or ash colored hair

Brunette For those with a medium skin complexion and auburn, brown or dark blonde hair

Deep Brown for those with a warm to dark complexion and deep brown to black hair

​In addition, each kit contains a dual sided applicator, and easy to use application instructions all in a mirrored, football leather-look travel size compact. Brows for Bros is ideal for athletes, busy professionals and rock stars from all walks of life!

This great grooming product delivers natural looking brows that are easy to apply and lasts all day! SurvivorEyes has an eyebrow kit to help with every stage of hair loss. Whether your man has fair-haired “non-existent” brows, and wants to take his look up a notch, or is living with hair loss as a result of age, alopecia, or other medical issues, Brows for Bros is here to help with a waterproof / sweat proof eyebrow solution that men can really depend on.

How to Use this Product

Hold stencil tightly onto clean, dry skin. Line up the dotted lines as detailed in the diagram (left). Using the applicator brush, apply your cosmetic (sparingly) starting from center, moving outward in short strokes. Fill in the area closest to the bridge of your nose last. Remember to blend pomade colors to achieve the right look for your skin tone.

Once finished, wipe the stencil on both sides with makeup remover and be sure that it is dry before before use on the other brow.

To ensure product integrity, ALWAYS clean brow stencils and your brush before storage.

Use an oil based cosmetic remover / wipes to remove cosmetic easily. These can be found in the cosmetic department of most drug stores and beauty supply outlets.