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SurvivorEyes on Michelle Phillips

Beauty Buzz: SurvivorEyes

Pink Beauty Products That Give Back for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Real Health

What To Do When You Lose Your Hair During Cancer Treatment

Chemo can cause you to lose body hair too, including eyebrows and eyelashes. Latisse or an inexpensive nondrug solution, such as SurvivorEyes, created specifically for brow loss from cancer therapy, can remedy this problem.

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Summers Retreat


I always had thick brows that I thought made me look angry, so I plucked them to make them thinner and arched. Then one day I looked at myself in the mirror, trying to figure out why I looked a bit different and realized my eyebrows were gone. A feature of my face that I abused over the years with tweezers, had disappeared.

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HoneyBook / Rising Tide

The Holiday Gift Guide

We are so inspired by the talent and incredible work in the Creative Economy, each year we showcase some of the best artists and makers through the Rising Tide Holiday Gift Guide! You will find everything from artwork to jewelry to home goods in this community built gift guide. We hope it simplifies your search for unique, handcrafted gifts that you won’t find anywhere else, while making it possible to support hardworking artisans and makers in the process.

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BeautyNews NYC

BCA: Raise Some Eyebrows

Let me introduce you to SurvivorEyes, a brow styling kit that is a simple and precise system, with a long-lasting formula.

Featuring Sorme® Cosmetics, each brow kit comes with reusable eyebrow stencils, a dual-sided applicator brush, plus instructions and information about the company and where your money goes. Hint: 5% of their annual profits go to charities including and the National Alopecia Areata Foundation (

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Kelly's Thoughts On Things

Survivor Eyes Brow Style Kit

Did you know that some people even lose their eyebrows from other things? For example, my grandmother lost hers years ago from a series of medical treatments that weren’t Cancer related.

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Jessica's 5 Star Reviews

Survivor Eyes Brow Style Stencil Kit

My eyebrows are also thinning, but for me, it’s an age-related and self-inflicted wound from over tweezing in my youth.

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I Had Cancer

12 Great Gift Ideas For Cancer Patients

Everyone should look the way they want and feel okay despite hair loss.

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A Well Styled Life

Compassionate Makeup: SurvivorEyes

Who among us doesn’t have a loved one who has battled cancer or an illness that causes hair loss?

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Cupid's Pulse

Product Review: The Perfect Products To Start Your New Year Off Right

This particular product was the recent creation of a breast cancer survivor who was inspired to help women struggling with hair loss to look and feel fabulous.

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Intouch Rubgy

SurvivorEyes: Now a “Go-To” Beauty Tool That Offers Every Woman the Gift of Time, Getting Perfect Brows in Minutes!

The driving force behind the product is to empower women, by helping them feel beautiful.

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BB Product Reviews

SurvivorEyes Brow Kit Review

There were so many times that I had wished that I could have done something for the family members that had survived Cancer and Chemo—most people when they go through Chemo lose their hair, eyebrows.

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Beauty Buzz: SurvivorEyes

It’s great to find brands that work well for your needs but also that support or a help a cause in the process.

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Budget Fashionista

11 Charity Gifts You’ve Never Heard Of Until Now

Five percent of annual profits from the sale of SurvivorEyes is donated to charitable organizations.

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It's a Glam Thing

Black Friday Deals from Mirakle Cream, Luma Brush and so much more

Survivor Eyes Brow Style & Stencil Kit is the new, time-saving beauty must-have.

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Huffington Post

The V to A of Best Beauty Deals (Black Friday to Cyber Monday)

Today, [SurvivorEyes] are the “go-to” for all brow-conscious women.

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Hair and the Blog

SurvivorEyes Product Review

SurvivorEyes is targeted to women who have experienced loss of hair due to cancer, or chemo.

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Beauty News NYC

Spa Holiday Gifts & Stocking Stuffers for Everyone on Your List

The kits are also beneficial to any woman with eyebrow hair loss and thinning.

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Wedding Chicks

The Gloss

11 Beauty And Fashion Products That Support Breast Cancer Research

#11: SurvivorEyes is a beauty brand specifically geared towards women who are battling cancer and its effects.

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It's a Glam Thing

Get Perfect Brows in a Snap with These Stencils

This beauty product with a purpose has quickly become the “go-to” brow solution for every woman looking for perfect brows in minutes.

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Babbling Beauty


SurvivorEyes was introduced at the most recent Cosmoprof Beauty Show in Las Vegas where it created lots of excitement.

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