Dr. Lavinia K. Chong

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“The SurvivorEyes BrowStyle kit may at first glance appear “small”, however the inspiration, product design and utility is enormous.” “While we physicians have historically focused on the science of fighting cancer, the patient’s emotional well being may be underappreciated.” “SurvivorEyes, in my opinion, is a genius tool which can restore a sense of “control” and normality to someone struggling with a potentially life threatening illness or diagnosis.”

Dr. Lavinia Chong M.D. F.C.A.S. Newport Beach, CA

Kathie Condon

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Here’s my philosophy when applying makeup to the eyes: “Even the most beautiful picture is not complete without the perfect frame to make it shine.” Eyebrows are the frame, and complete the look of a beautiful eye. Our brows tell others when we’re surprised, happy, sad, or concerned, and the eye is enhanced and focused when the eyebrow has framed its beauty.

The SurvivorEyes BrowStyle kit is an amazing product that provides those who are dealing with hair loss, added confidence in their appearance. They’re the ideal beauty tool for every woman who appreciates a high fashion brow in minutes! So easy to use, each kit offers a variety of brow styles from conservative to dramatic, designed to complement any shaped face. In addition, each kit includes top quality cosmetics. Confidence in one’s appearance is empowering and powerful people are survivors. ”Frame Your Beauty” with strength and confidence while fighting your battle, and let SurvivorEyes bring out the beautiful survivor in you.

Kathryn Condon, Hollywood Makeup Artist

Stacy Cox

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In the last couple years, having polished brows has become a huge beauty trend. How to achieve them if you’re not a makeup artist is the challenge. SurvivorEyes BrowStyle kit takes the guesswork out of the equation for you so you have full, glam brows every day! Plus with a portion of your investment going to help ladies with breast cancer… your soul will feel fabulous too.

As a National Beauty Correspondent I often get asked about how to bring thin brows back to their former greatness? My go-to solution is SurvivorEyes! These stencils frame your brows so you have the roadmap of exactly where to land your brow gel, pencil or powder! So whether you’ve over-tweezed your brows or they fell out as a result of an illness… Find something else to worry about as SurvivorEyes offers the perfect beauty tool to make you feel more self-confident and fierce!

Fierce brows = empowerment & confidence! If you don’t feel like you have them for one reason or another… The SurvivorEyes BrowStyle Kit offers up a collection of brow templates, or “stencils” as I call them, that will take faded or non-existent brows right back to their former glory in minutes! I love the affirmations printed on each template and the donation made upon our purchase to help ladies who struggle with hair loss feel more nurtured and empowered makes me feel good too! SurvivorEyes is truly “Beauty with a Purpose”

If I were to sum up beauty brand SurvivorEyes in a nutshell… “Saving our eyebrows with love & compassion one brow template at a time!”

Stacy Cox, Hollywood Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Expert